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  Add:Coastal industrial zones of
    Shaoxing(New Sanjiang)
  Shaoxing Feida Nail Co.,LTD is set a research, design, production, sales, as an integrated enterprise. Specializing in the production of nail bed nets EI deducted Bush nails, nail bag spring, "懷" staples, brown film nails, decorated with nails. Stomatal mattresses and furniture, metal components, we will also be produced according to customer requirements kind.
   Company after 10 years of efforts in the spirit of "perseverance, courage, truth-seeking spirit and common development" purposes, adherence to the "quality of life of enterprises, innovation is the driving force, all the best" quality guidelines, science and technology; Quality is the key, old and new customers great number of companies in the long-term cooperation and work together to create brilliant!(Note : The Company formerly to Shaoxing Maan Blanking Co.,Ltd )
   Add:Coastal Industrial Zones of Shaoing (New Sanjiang) 
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