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About Gun nail
  Compressed air powered gun used by general Gun nail pneumatic nail. As the pneumatic tools are becoming more and more popular, people use nails to also have corresponding change. Previously the most common nails, steel nails, common nails, now have more options, according to different uses, supporting different airgun use. Category
  According to the appearance of are: straight nails, coil nail, code nail, nail, nail waves, steel row nails, dry wall nails etc..
  According to the model are: J nail, F nail, K nail, T nail, ST nail, N nail. Description
  Straight nail ( F type ): similar and common nails. Specific models describe F plus the length, such as F30 refers to the length 30mm of the straight nail. Steel row nail ( F-ST type ): with common steel nail similarity. Specific models describe ST plus the length, such as ST30 refers to the length of 30mm steel row nail.
  Nail: ordinary nails are similar, but smaller, and there is no nail head.
  Code nail: ( J ): and the staples are similar, typically with a J prefix representation model.


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